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Innovative machine that is integrally molded box part and Poles

In recent years, natural disasters all over the world have caused the toppling of

road signs and lighting poles on highways and regular roads.

Araki has used its burring technology to make disaster-resistant and corrosion-resistant street light poles.

This was done by forming a pole and a base into a single unit, instead of the separate units which conventional manufacturing methods require.

This has improved the rigidity of the poles, as compare to conventional poles.

The corrosion-resistance has also been improved.

This revolutionary manufacturing method with our original technology has been patented around the world.

Epoch-making improved structure of the street light pole

"DAICHI" will provide users with three major advantages when compared with conventional manufacturing methods.
With conventional manufacturing methods, an hour of work by a skilled worker and an hour of electric power were required, but with "DAICHI" molding is completed in three minutes, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

By reducing labor expenses and power usage in manufacturing, we have also greatly reduced unit costs. Furthermore, integral molding of poles and box units has greatly improved resistance to earthquakes. Araki Technical Research's new machine "DAICHI" achieves energy savings, lower costs and greater strength, and will create greater opportunities for your business.

Integrally formed precisely at the touch of a button & speedy

About 2.4m width, about 2m height, the size of the machine, of about 1.2m depth Compact design.
By mold dedicated, and full, a pole that was set in the machine The molded in about 3 minutes auto, with one button.

By option in addition, to add a discharge function and automatic supply I molded the number automatically equipped to work on the table.

Size W2.4m x H2m x D1.2m
weight 2,800kg
molding capability 110ton 70MPa・5.5kW
power 0.75kW
pole size 150~200
Three major benefits of safe, secure, inexpensive born by DAICHI introduction
Energy saving production

Labor and cost more than approximately one hour are necessary for the conventional manufacturing method the can manufacturing welding implication of opening perforator and BOX parts.

Molded in about 3 minutes. I realize the energy saving production
Reduction of processing costs

It is largely in comparison with the manufacturing method a man-hour, a cost cut conventionally.

Cost is reduced by labor costs, time, material, the amount of power required is reduced to processing.
Seismic performance up

For vibration fatigue caused by an earthquake or the strong wind, a pole cracks, and, in the welding can manufacturing, collapse, a damage accident occurs.

Seismic performance improves significantly by integral molding
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